Capacity Building/Institution Development

The objective is to organize and strengthen institutions of producers / communities including of the poor and women, so as to enable access to  livelihood promotion services in a cost-effective and integrated manner, either directly or by collaborating with agencies that influence the livelihoods of a large number of people.’

IGS, as part of ID initiatives, imparts the followings:

  •  Organizing new institutions of the producers and service providers;
  •  Introducing norms and aid in formalizing the institutions.
  •  Facilitating them to develop systems and mechanisms relating to Governance and HR, Operations, Accounting and MIS.
  • Enabling producers and service providers to access livelihood support services.
  • Revitalizing the existing producer / livelihood supporting organizations and service providing institutions.


As of March 2010, IGS has provided ID support to more than 115 organisations, of which some are on-going.


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